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Kanji Classroom Mission

We are dedicated everyday to the instruction of Japanese Language and Culture, applicable for the real world. We instruct students in Japanese reading, writing, speaking and listening for Business, Academic, Social & Travel purposes. We serve motivated students serious in learning Japanese communication skills for interacting with Japanese people in both domestic and foreign environments.

Kanji Camp History

Factually, the programs began as a simple summer camp. At the request of our students and new clients the program has grown into a year-round private and professional Japanese education classroom. Unique to our classroom, we only teach Japanese. This Our disciplined learning system and welcoming classroom environment help dedicated students to build educational, professional and social skill in the Japanese language, which they are using everyday for work, school and real life. Our students prove themselves in Japanese environments regardless of their current Japanese studies level.

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Kanji Camp is a place to meet native speakers of Japanese. The other side of our program serves native Japanese students of all ages. Committed to the local Japanese community, IBLCI offers personalized transition assistance and tailored English as a Second Language services to Japanese of all ages. We help native Japanese students with improving English cross-cultural communication skills for daily living. We are a founding member of the Indy Japan Network, a NEW local organization proactively focused on helping Japanese families to transition smoothly to Indiana.


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